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Start by greeting the person who will read your cover letter and mention some significant aspects that you know about the business. What do you know about it? What do you like among the elements of which you are aware? You can now mention who you are and what you can do for the company. Then move on to the description of how you imagine the impact that your mission could have. Make sure that the employer imagines ”we” with you. How would “Éditions Coco” be with Guillaume Dupont? It is good to want to save you time and energy, but it is probably not the best solution to get a job. Do not try these out to copy/paste information from other cover letters and do not use fixed templates. A simple, pre-determined cover letter template can help. However, the content will systematically vary depending on the company you are talking to. You will not be able to make the same cover letter to apply for a job in the medical equipment sales sector as for a position in the catering sector.
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Jan Nordlöf

Communications & Investor Relations
0771-10 10 40

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