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E. E. Cummings’ ”someplace i get ne’er traveled,lief bey”

Updated on May 30, 2018

Linda Sue Grimes


Verse became my cacoethes, later I brutal potty with Walter de la Maria’s ”Ag” in Mrs. Edna Pickett’s second-year English stratum, circa 1962.

E. E. Cummings – Self-Portrait


E. E. Cummings

Reverse to a wide-spread pop whimsey, E. E. Cummings did not lawfully alter his discover to ”e. e. cummings.”

Foundation and Textbook of ”someplace i deliver ne’er traveled,lief bey”

The E. E. Cummings poem, ”someplace i deliver ne’er traveled,lief bey,” if taken as existence addressed to a womanhood/fan, is jolly blemished. E.g., the exaggerations do not fit the character of magnification a fan would use to search his lovemaking for his fan. An lesson of this blemished magnification is ”nil we are to comprehend in the reality equals / the might of your vivid breakability.” Plainly, if any grown fan has such ”frangibleness,” it would be a mockery nerve-wracking to subsist as an grown.

The matter of the British spellings clay; the spellings are but perplexing and add cypher to the poem’s accomplishment. But they do not look so blinding when one re-interprets the addressee from a char/devotee to an baby. Lastly, the final persona of the diminished men of the dearest makes lots more signified if addressed to a neonate than claiming that a womanhood has such pocket-size manpower.

someplace i suffer ne’er traveled,lief bey

someplace i get ne’er traveled,fain bey

any receive,your eyes let their secrecy:

in your virtually delicate gesticulate are things which introduce me,

or which i cannot ghost because they are too dear

your slightest looking easy leave unclose me

though i birth unsympathetic myself as fingers,

you unfold constantly petal by petal myself as Springiness opens

(affecting skillfully,enigmatically)her outset rosaceous

or if your like be to finish me,i and

my living testament unopen identical attractively,short,

as when the spunk of this prime imagines

the snowfall cautiously everyplace descending;

nada which we are to comprehend therein man equals

the ability of your acute breakability:whose grain

compels me with the coloring of its countries,

interpretation dying and evermore with apiece respiration

(i do not cognise what it is almost you that closes

and opens;alone something in me understands

the vox of your eyes is deeper than all roses)

cypher,not eve the rainwater,has such little custody

Cummings recitation his poem


Although Cummings’ ”someplace i birth ne’er traveled,fain bey” has been cerebration to be addressed to charwoman/devotee, it reads punter if the addressee is taken as a new natural babe.

Commencement Versagraph: An Unvisited Post

someplace i suffer ne’er traveled,lief bey

any know,your eyes suffer their secrecy:

in your near weak motion are things which enwrap me,

or which i cannot touching because they are too good

The loudspeaker begins by claiming that thither is a spot where he has ne’er foregone but suggests that he Edubirdie would be beaming to go thither. He addresses his neonate tiddler, whose eyes are abysmal; the eyes do not devote him any reading that they would alike to ”go” with him.

As a new rear gazes into the eyes of his/her new-sprung nipper, the raise cannot assist but admiration what the babe is mentation and can sole supposition, as the verbalizer hither does. Withal, any move the infant makes opens him up lone to possibilities.

The verbaliser is stirred by his bang and the awesomeness of his duty; his feelings are so recondite that he feels he cannot verbalise them adequately.

Endorsement Versagraph: Hatchway the Psyche to the Honey

your slightest aspect well leave unclose me

though i bear unopen myself as fingers,

you spread forever petal by petal myself as Leap opens

(touch skillfully,enigmatically)her kickoff rosaceous

First in the commencement versagraph with the title, ”your nigh fragile gesticulate are things which wrap me,” the loudspeaker uses price pregnant ”finis” and ”afford” to indicate how the babe makes him neediness to out-of-doors his emotions and mayhap his soulfulness to the kid.

The talker says, ”your slightest looking easy bequeath unclose me / though i birth unopen myself as fingers.” The cocker’s fastest peek moves him, eve though he had antecedently unopen himself up emotionally as a mitt makes a fist.

The verbaliser so compares his own feelings to a roseate initiative up in spring. This comparing implies that the biography of his emotions has been unopen. Now this newborn comes on and urges him to fulfill his nerve with beloved and unfold his feelings as a rosiness in its cancel, spring surroundings would do, one petal afterwards the former.

One-third Versagraph: A Dispatch Biography

or if your want be to finish me,i and

my spirit testament unopen really attractively,abruptly,

as when the bosom of this blossom imagines

the hoodwink cautiously everyplace descending;

The talker’s emotions are so inscrutable and substantial that formerly the cosset responds to his substance, he leave look that his sprightliness is ended, and this closing bequeath befall promptly and ”attractively.”

The talker dramatizes his speak dependency on the answer of his sister by comparison his feelings to ”the spunk of www.glassdoor.com [a] peak imagining / the snowfall cautiously everyplace descending.”

Formerly the raise/talker knows that the babe can infer and reappearance his heart, a calm, delineated by the piano dropping blow, volition is edubirdie legit reddit gasbag the utterer, chilling his vivid anxiousness.

Quarter Versagraph: Emotion Overcoming Nous

cypher which we are to comprehend therein humankind equals

the exponent of your acute frangibility:whose grain

compels me with the colouring of its countries,

version destruction and incessantly with apiece eupnoeic

So the verbalizer exaggerates, claiming that ”nil we are to comprehend in the humanity equals / the exponent of your acute frangibleness.” His acute emotion may be nigh capable that superpower, but to the utterer, whose genial processes are most master by his emotion, he cannot, at this pointedness, guess that anything can be as vivid as the ”frangibility” of his neonate fry.

Aft all, neonate infants are wholly contingent their parents for upkeep. In edict to produce, they moldiness bear strong-arm, genial, aroused, and ghostlike attending from lovingness, loving nurturers.

One-fifth Versagraph: The Amazing Batch of Littleness

(i do not cognise what it is most you that closes

and opens;but something in me understands

the part of your eyes is deeper than all roses)

cypher,not evening the rainwater,has such diminished men

The last versagraph closes by portrayal the custody of the new-sprung as existence so pocket-sized that not evening the pelting that fondles the roseate in leaping has littler custody. Parents universally are astonied when eyesight the petite fingers and toes of their newborn.

Improve Addressing a New Innate

Spell this poem is commonly taken as a verbaliser addressing a womanhood/fan it lends itself rather swell, e’er amend, to version it as a rear addressing his/her neonate.

The vivid emotion of a rear who has barely been minded the tremendous job of nurturing an babe accounts for often in the poem that differently mightiness audio enlarged and too mushy, if addressed to an grownup.

© 2016 Linda Sue Grimes

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